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07/01/2018Sign-In Sheet
image Upcoming Classes [more]
04/19/2019Summer School Updates
04/23/2019Google Forms and Beyond
04/23/2019Building Classroom Communities in Positive Ways - Part 4
04/24/2019Cooking Matters at the Store
04/25/2019Econ in the Rock: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
04/25/2019New Pre-K Teacher Training
05/01/2019Novice Teachers B - Focus on Mindfulness
05/17/2019R.I.S.E. Training Day 2 - Grades 3-6 Level Training for GT Specialists
05/23/2019R.I.S.E. Training Day 3 - Grades 3-6 Level Training for GT Specialists
06/07/2019Teaching the Teacher How to Teach Costume Design
A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.
Ever Garrison

What's New?

  • Responsive design provides support for more devices. Try it on your mobile!
  • Sortable tables for all your information.

The most exciting update to this application is responsive design. The responsive design approach optimizes your browsing experience by reducing or eliminating the need to resize or pan a page to read or navigate. Optimizing your viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

Tables are used to display all of your information for each section without the need to navigate multiple pages.

Add column sort capability to the table and reviewing information in a way that makes sense to you is a breeze.

Sort the table by any column. Select a column header you would like to sort by and it will sort in ascending order. Select it again to sort descending. If you are using a pointing device and keyboard, you may select multiple columns by holding the Shift key while selecting additional column headers.

Don't forget your browser's "find" feature.

Browser's provide an easy way to locate text on a page. Since all of your information for that section is on the page, this becomes a very useful feature to find specific information quickly.

Open the "Find" panel and enter some text. Most browser's highlight the text and provide a method to move through the results. Use <CTRL> + "F" in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Firefox displays the panel at the bottom of the page.

Where's the Calendar?

The calendar has been replaced with the registration page. Every class that is being offered is listed in a sortable table. No more paging through the calendar for a date or class just to be redirected to the registration page.

If you are interested in classes for a specific date, simply sort the table by Date and scroll to that date. Or maybe you prefer only classes held at a specific location. Select the Location column header and all the classes are grouped by location.

See more on sortable tables above and don't forget your browser's "Find" feature!

Developed by the Little Rock School District - Applications Development Group
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